Monday, 12 March 2012


I once had a conversation with some one about desire and was asked what I thought it was. I wrote this little paragraph and when I look at it now, it seems so strange. Like some one else wrote it ...

Anyway, I kept it and would like to share it :)


The want of something. Thoughts and feelings compelling your physical body to pursue it. Tangible or otherwise.  A drive, a lure, a longing and unavoidable voice that will not be silenced until it is met.

A strong desire inhabits the body, the mind and every fabric of your existence.

It has the power to reap havoc or birth success. To twist perception and obscure reason.

To drive you mad or preserve your sanity. Desire sets into motion a process of thinking and problem solving. Desire pushes the mind to formulate strategy as to obtain the desired.

Desire is good and bad and the limbo in between. Desire can be fueled or watered down.

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