Thursday, 17 November 2011

Noosphere: Self Expression

It's  strange how self expression in our everyday lives hits a barrier where it seldomly goes beyond the inner most reaches of our minds or hearts. True self expression is seen mostly in dancers, artists, vocalists, instrumentalists, writers and such, but what about just being there in every ones everyday life in words spoken and written and conveyed to our families and partners and children and friends?

I think it's pretty safe to say that all people, to some degree have this fear of rejection by society and even our closest loved ones because of certain invisible rule sets that society, in essence, WE have created. We are society and we are a part of a universal consciousness that creates these barriers, images and rules of what and how people should be -in general-. We are in concept emotional prisoners of ourselves. It is not every one that musters the courage and that is brave enough to challenge these restrictions in small scales (personal lives) and bigger scales (politics). Is this the fundamental trade mark of a leader? I think it surely is in many cases, but let's not diverge from the subject at hand just yet.