Thursday, 27 October 2011

Gaming: Why RIFT is My MMO of Choice

I've been an avid RPG (Role-Playing-Game) fan since experiencing some great games in the past 2 years, World of Warcraft obviously being one of my favourites for a long time. I thoroughly enjoy SP (Single Player) RPG games of which my favourite has got to be Mass Effect.

I enjoy the stories RPG's tell and how it allows you to create a new persona with it's own look, legacy and attitude. It's quite a big part of the game for me. I had quit World of Warcraft some months ago for various reasons and found myself missing that online factor of gaming, that thing that allows you to interact as your character making it so much more fun.

Initially I didn't quite think much of RIFT: Planes of Telara, I saw it the first time when my fiance decided to try it out. It was on his old PC and at that time I wasn't aware that the hardware wasn't good enough to do the game justice. Frames were bad and as a result of that gameplay was sluggish, graphics couldn't be set to it's full potential which made the game look rather dull. Having seen that I wrote the game off and not worth it. However, after quitting World of Warcraft I decided to give it a go as remember being really impressed with the character creation part of the game. (Which by the way is fantastic!). When creating your character, you will be astonished at how well the animations are done and at the really really big variety of options you get.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Entertainment: My "feel good" songs for the week

So this week I find myself repeating some songs that just create a relaxed mood and cancels out unnecessary stress. I think that these songs are universal in taste, no matter when they were released or how old they are, they just always sound good :) So I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do, have a listen.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Noosphere: Days That Pass In An Intsant

Life seems to pass by in a single moment for me, it feels like occasionally for a fraction of time, like now, I've just paused it.

23 Years of which I can not recall living, looking back at a story, a chain of events that happened, who did they happen to? I do not feel like I own any of it. I'm left with only memories that rarely surface unless recalled by my mind when queried by some one else. It's as though my days just pass by and I go through them in a haze. It's 5:03 pm and just a second ago it was morning.

I wake up, tend to the kids, see my fiance off, work, cook, eat, game, sleep and tomorrow it starts again. Every working day is filled with frustration, kids fighting, playing, crying, laughing in the background, 100's of lines of text by people living an online life. It literally feels like those video clips you see of people standing still and the world fast forwarding around them.

People love to say that you should live in the moment, but moments are respective to the individuals living them, when life is such a rush, so busy and filled with events, how do you truly "live" in the moment? How do you savor every event and would you even want to? Most days just feel routine, we miss the impact we might make on some one else's life, do we realize that typing one sentence can change some one's frame of mind? Yet even filled with all these actions that cause reactions and ripples through our reality, these days are slipping by unnoticed.


After always finding myself thinking about life and everything in it and wishing I had time to write about it all in my work or other circumstances, sometimes  fantasizing about maybe someday writing my own book, I have decided to start this blog.

I would like to write about all categories of subjects that affect me like Gaming, Noosphere (a postulated sphere or stage of evolutionary development dominated by consciousness, the mind, and interpersonal relationships: according to the Oxford Dictionaries) and Entertainment.